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In consistently adhering to the spirit of its founder, Kewpie Corporation is committed to securing an everlasting presence within the hearts of customers and garnering a position of trust.

Since its founding in 1919, Kewpie Corporation has continued with each era to place the utmost emphasis on the shared belief―”A superior product is only made from fine ingredients with quality”. As the underlying platform of its production activities, this founding spirit to “Act on Moral Principles,” “Strive for Originality and Ingenuity,” and “Look after Parent’s Well Being” is critical to efforts aimed at earning customers’ trust and ensuring an everlasting presence as a going concern.

From a product development perspective, we have continued to adopt the role of a pioneer and were the first company to introduce mayonnaise and dressings to the Japanese market. Adopting a customer-oriented approach, we have also incorporated a universal design concept into our development process. To provide products that are easier for everyone to use, we have been making numerous improvements.

We believe that dining is a source of immense joy. Dining makes us feel the warmth of family. Dining generates the sense of gratitude. Dining reinforces the ties between people. Guided by its corporate message “love around the kitchen table”, Kewpie Corporation works diligently to deliver good taste and empathy to consumers. While further fine-tuning those features that make us unique, we will make every effort to contribute to the food culture and health of the world.

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Osamu Chonan President
Kewpie Corporation

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