Year Month Corporate Chronology and Production History
1919 Nov. Shokuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd., forerunner of the present Kewpie Corporation, is established in Otaki-cho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo to start the manufacturing and processing of various types of food products.
1925 Mar. Sales of Kewpie Mayonnaise starts. The total volume shipped this initial year was 600kg and the shipment increased to 7 tons the following year.
* Kewpie Mayonnaise (in 100-gram and 128-gram glass jars): Japan's first jarred Mayonnaise.

* Sales of Aohata Strawberry Jam and Marmalade begun. A first in Japan.

1943 Mar. Sales of Mayonnaise is discontinued due to difficulty in obtaining quality raw materials during the war.
1948 Mar. Sales of Mayonnaise resumes. The total shipment was 24 tons this year and increased to 58 tons the following year.
1950   * Sales of Aohata brand Sweet Cream Corn begun. A first in Japan.
1957   The company name is changed to Kewpie Corporation.
* Sales of Aohata brand Whole Kernel Sweet Corn.
1958   * Kewpie Mayonnaise (100-gram plastic bottle)
* Sales of Kewpie French Salada Dressing (red) (200-gram glass bottle) begun: Japan's first bottled dressing.
1959   * Sales of Kewpie Bolognese Pasta Sauce begun. A first in Japan.
1960   * Sales of Kewpie Baby Food (packed in a 2nd type can) begun.
* Sales of Kewpie Oriental Salad Dressing (180-ml glass bottle) begun: the first Japanese style salad dressing in Japan.
1966 Feb. The warehousing division splits off to form Kewpie
Warehouse Corporation (forerunner of the present K.R.S. Corporation).
* Sales of Kewpie Tartar Sauce begun.
1969 Feb. The head office moves to the current address: 4-13, Shibuya 1-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
1970 Jul.

The company is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
* Sales of Aohata 55 Orange Marmalade (the outset of jam low in sugar) begun.

1972 Dec.

The company takes over the sales division of Nakashimato Co., Ltd.
* Kewpie Health Food is changed to JANEF brand.

1973 Apr. The company is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1977 May. The egg product sales division splits off to form Kewpie Egg Corporation.
1978   * Kewpie Chinese Syle Salad Dressing: Soy Sauce Type Slad Dressing becomes popular.
1979   Aohata brand Blueberry Jam: Various types of berry jams start to win popularity.
1981 Dec The production and sales of Kewpie brand Mayonnaise start in Thailand through a technical partnership with Saha Pathana Investment Co., Ltd.
* Sales of Aohata brand Low-calorie Strawberry Jam and Low-calorie Orange Marmalade begun.



Q&B Foods, Inc. is established in the United States to start the production of Mayonnaise.
The Fine Chemical Project Team is formed.
1983 jul. The company makes deep inroads into food engineering fields.
* Sales of Kewpie 1/3 Salad Dressing (containing two-thirds less oil) begun.
1986 Jun. The first TS Farm Plant is completed.
1987 Feb. Thai Kewpie Co., Ltd is established in Thailand jointly with Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Co., Ltd.
* Sales of Kewpie Mustard Mayonnaise begun.
1988 Dec. Sales operations of egg products subcontracted to Kewpie Egg Corporation are transferred back to Kewpie Corporation.



The company acquires shares of Henningsen Foods, Inc., a US egg product processor.
* Sales of Aohata brand Okayu (rice porridge) begun.

Main sales operations of industrial-use products subcontracted to San-ei Provisions Co., Ltd. are transferred back to Kewpie Corporation.

1991   * Sales of Kewpie Half (with half the calories of regular Mayonnaise) begun.
1993 Dec. Beijing Kewpie Foods Co., Ltd. (Currently called Beijing Kewpie Corporation) is established in China.
1994   * Sales of Kewpie Yoiko-Ni-Naare (be a healthy child) begun.
1996   * Sales of Kewpie Tasty Dressing, Kewpie Pan Kobo (Bread Workshop) begun.
1998 jul. TS Farm Plant Shirakawa starts operating.
* Sales of JANEF Nursing-Care Food begun.
1999 Feb. Salad Club Co., Ltd. is established.
* Sales of Kewpie Easy Cooking Menus begun.



K. System is established to integrate administrative divisions such as accounting, financing, and labor management.
* Kewpie Fukairi Goma (well roasted sesame) Dressing begun.

Sales operations of prepared foods are transferred to Deria Foods Co., Ltd.

2001 Jul. K pack Co., Ltd. is established.
2002 Apr. Hangzhou Kewpie Foods Co., Ltd.(Currently called Hangzhou Kewpie Corporation) is established in China.
* Sales of Kewpie Zero Non-Cholesterol begun.
2003 Oct.

Sales operations of egg-based products are assigned to Kewpie Egg Corporation.

* Sales of Kewpie ZERO Zero Non-Cholesterol (calorie is reduced to half) begun.
* Sales of Cupid's egg begun.

2005   * Sales of Kewpie Deffe begun.
2006 Feb. The Fuji Yoshida Plant starts operating.
* Sales of Kewpie Tasty Dressing Cobb Salad begun.

* Sales of Kewpie Tasty Dressing Mentaiko (salted cod roe spiced with red pepper) begun.

2008   * Sales of Kewpie Suriorosi (grated) Onion Dressing begun.
* Sales of Kewpie Range-Cook(for microwave cooking) begun.
2009 Jul. KEWPIE MALAYSIA SDN.BHD is established in Malaysia.
* Sales of Kewpie Dijon Mustard begun.

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