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Corporate Philosophy and Group Policies

Corporate Philosophy of the Kewpie Group Corporate Philosophy of the Kewpie Group

Corporate Motto:

True enjoyment in the work place should be achieved
through the process of working together toward common goals.
Once you come to appreciate this process as experiences at work are generated,
you will gain some latitude and confidence.
Latitude and confidence are essential in the progression of an individual’s ability, and as a result,
in the prosperity of the company which can be shared by all members involved in the process.

Corporate Principles

  • Act on moral principles
  • Strive for originality and ingenuity
  • Look after parent’s well being

Moralism is a way of living honorably as human beings.
It is said that even when a country loses a battle, it does not necessarily perish;
however, when a country loses morality, it will perish.
In corporations as well, under the circumstance where people disregard morality,
any corporation would eventually perish.
It is the obvious nature of corporations to seek revenue and profit; however, in doing so, it is critical to put morality first, and to make judgments based on "what truth is" and "what the right thing to do is",
without being blinded by merit in the short term.

It is also sadly obvious that many people in the real world seek quick profit
by calculating means without considering morality.
It is not wise to face these people by solely being morality right.
What we must have is originality and ingenuity in addition to diligence and hard work.
Originality and ingenuity, which means cultivating new ways of thinking, developing new technologies and improving quality and services, lead us to a pioneering spirit and stance of "we will not make me-too products" and "we will not follow in competitor's footsteps".
An approach like this will enlarge our circle of friends.
In every business scene at work when developing new products or simply when taking care of daily requirements, let us not forget this philosophy.

Expressing our thanks and appreciating the devotion of parents to their children, where they would lay down their lives for their kids, teaches us another basic moral standard of human beings.
This attitude is also important in facing people we meet when conducting daily business.

Group Policies

Guided by a philosophy that draws on its Corporate Motto and Principles, Kewpie has put in place the Group Policies that embody the Group’s commitment to earning the highest degree of trust from its stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, and society, who provide the underlying strength for all of its business activities.

In ensuring that each and every member of the Group fully understands and carries out the spirit of the Group Policies we are better positioned to further enhance our transparency as a company and to garner the trust of customers.​

Group Policies Group Policies
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