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Hyabest®(S) LF-P

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Kewpie Corporation (Japan) has been producing wide range of Hyaluronic Acid (and its sodium salt) since 1983, and has now become a world top-notched producer focusing on highly purified and scientifically evidenced quality. Food grade “Hyabest®(S) LF-P” is one of Kewpie’s most popular ones developed especially for so called ‘Beauty from Within’ concept supplements.

1. Scientific Study

This time, Kewpie has obtained new data to show that orally taken “Hyabest®(S) LF-P” suppresses the damage of the skin by ultraviolet rays. Kewpie released the data in the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences 2013 held in Oklahoma City, USA in June. The data using hairless mice shows that oral intake of the hyaluronic acid 200mg/day equivalent for 6 weeks significantly suppressed the decrease of skin moisture amount and resultant formation of the wrinkle under ultraviolet rays (See Exhibit 1). The data follows Kewpie’s previously performed test showing significant skin moisture increase, and other improvements by oral intake of the hyaluronic acid 120mg/day for 6 weeks (See Exhibit 2).

2. Japanese Market

The market size of health food in Japan was about US$ 6,850 million in 2011, and its 10.8% (US$ 740 million) was the beauty food, among which 36.3% (about US$ 269 million) contained hyaluronic acid (※)

With the science driven marketing, Kewpie is now enjoying enormous market share of hyaluronic acid contained beauty supplement/food in Japan.

※H・B Foods marketing handbook 2013, Fuji-Keizai Group

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