Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals


Date Place Exhibition Name Booth Details
17-19 Apr. 2018 Amsterdam,Netherlands in-cosmetics Global B10 more
19-21 Mar. 2018 Shanghai,China PCHi 1E01 more
25-26 Oct. 2017 California, USA Supplier's Day Long Beach 108(Chemtec) more
24-26 Oct. 2017 Frankfurt, Germany CPhI worldwide 110A05 more
4-6 Oct. 2017 Tokyo, Japan Health Ingredient Japan A-037 more
27-28 Sep. 2017 Las Vegas, USA Supply Side West 2017 #T156(Mitsubishi) more

Eggs: The Source of Life

The egg, from which a chick is hatched, contains all the components needed to create new life. Kewpie Corporation uses, handles, and sells approximately 200,000 tons of eggs annually, and for over 20 years, we have extracted and refined biologically active egg components for use in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. We have applied special techniques to develop methods for extracting and refining these components from a variety of natural resources. And our products have been used not only in Japan, but also in countries across the world.

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