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Deep-roasted Sesame
A Different Deliciousness for Every Dish

  • Classic Japanese-style sesame taste
  • Rich & fragrant
  • Slightly sweet
  • Lightly tangy yet smooth flavor

The deliciousness of Kewpie’s Deep-roasted Sesame Dressing
comes in many forms.
Transform the flavor of your dish by simply adding a dash of
All the seasoning you need is in one bottle.
Take advantage of its flavor
characteristics to expand your
culinary horizons.


Deep-roasted Sesame Dressings

The Aroma and Depth of
Deep-roasted Sesame

Combining sesame seeds of varying roasts brings
out a diverse range of aromas, from the freshly
ground to the sweet. Meanwhile, the addition of
egg yolk produces a rich depth and a creamy,
smooth taste.


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Sesame Trivia

Learn little tidbits about
Deep-roasted Sesame Dressing
that will make you want to use it
in even more dishes!

Sesame Dressings
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